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《on satur(n)days we used to sleep》  

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On Saturndays we used to sleep 在安息日里我们习惯于沉睡 all motionless and still ... 所有事物都变得宁静而安详 While shrouded in an oppressive gloom 当我们被沉重的忧郁紧紧束缚时 we're handed over to the dream. 我们手牵着手飞向梦中的乐园 A sleep so dark 如此深沉的安眠 this "Moon by Day", of powers strange and weird 白昼里的月亮,拥有着陌生神秘的力量 through mystic veils her silver rays are glowing carefully 穿过神秘的雾幕,她银色的光芒一点一点变得光彩夺目 Woven of dewdrops and magical light 仿佛由露珠织成,迷人地闪烁着 this gown that we' re wearing here is but a cloth of mist 我们仅仅穿着薄雾织成的法衣 and we used to call it "Breath of the Other Sphere" 我们称它为“另一个世界的气息” We are floating, flying, incredibly fast 我们漂浮飞翔,用难以想象的迅速 the world of the thought gives birth to this life 思想使生命获得新生 Free to remember, to discover and feel 释放所有回忆,自由的去发现和感受 as were closely together in our parallel flight 当我们依偎着并肩飞行时 While beyond the gates 当越过那些门时 our bodies lie next to each other in fragile rest 我们并排躺在一起, two chests are lifted up and down, moved only by some mortal breath 彼此的胸口因微弱的呼吸而上下起伏 Yes, our bodies are sleeping so closely together 是的,我们如此紧紧相互依偎着沉睡 but it's only in our minds that we touch (at last) 但我们只有在脑海深处才能碰触它 In the realm of the spirit(s) our souls become one 在精神世界中我们的灵魂合二为一 in the happy knowledge that we are completing halfs 在欢愉的相识中我们融为一体 No bodies and no harriers 没有他人,没有蹂躏者 (all) far more intimate and strange 远离亲密与陌生 Our understanding is clearer, incomparably real 我们的意识更加清晰,无比的真实 although there is no sound that dares to escape... 即使那里没有声音会消失 His eyes are mirrors, gates to his soul 他的眼睛宛如明镜,通向他的灵魂 one true look and I recognize that it's him 忠实的面容,我认出那就是他 my husband, the one that I love 我的丈夫,我所深爱的人 See me! Read me! Step inside !!! 注视我!了解我!融入我的灵魂!!! No barriers and no masquerade, come, be received beyond distress! 没有阻障,没有伪装,来吧,承受来世的悲痛 So intensively and so deep as our fingers unite, our hands caress 如此强烈,如此深刻,如我们手指的缠绕,双手的爱抚一样 Two wanderers are lovingly dwelling this land 两个徘徊流浪者钟爱住在这片土地上 (as) we fly side by side over mountains and glens 我们并肩飞越山峰和幽谷 In the twilight lit of the silver moon 在银色的月亮的微光里 set free from the flesh, released from this tomb! 从肉体中解放,从这个坟墓中解放! On Satur(n)days we used to sleep 在安息日里我们习惯于沉睡 the other side exploring, alive in our dreams 在另一个世界里游荡,活在我们的梦中 Free from the pain 从痛苦中解放 home where we belong 我们真正的归宿 and guarded by the shadows of the enchanted realm 由幻境中的影子们守护 Below a violet sky, both dark and profound 在紫色的天空下,黑暗而幽深 the horizon is glittering, still there is no sound 地平线闪闪发亮,依然寂静无声 We fly through the night crossing frontiers and lakes, mountains and valleys... 我们穿越黑夜,飞过国界和湖泊,山脉与村庄 world without end 世界没有尽头 "This is where we truly belong, take both my hands, look into my soul !" 这里是我们真正的归宿,握住我的双手,看透我的灵魂 I feel the strength of his embrace as we're closely together in this secret place... 当我们依偎在这个秘密之地,我感受到他的拥抱的力量 "Hush, hush, my Dear, 安静些,安静些,我的爱人 can yon hear the rustling in the Undergrowth? 你可曾听到来自地下的挖掘声? See through the branches, there in the glade..." 望穿树枝,在沼泽之下 ghostly creatures as they dance and sing 鬼魂们跳舞歌唱 Their transparent bodies, half man and half beast 它们有着半兽半人般透明的身体 their voices so sweet like a soft breath of wind 它们甜美的声音宛如温和的微风 On Satur(n)days we used to sleep, and my pain was eased by his love... 在安息日里我们习惯于沉睡, 我的痛苦被他的爱融化

Dead Lovers' Sarabande - Face 2
a stage: 舞台上
(by the 
window, darkest night) (透过窗子,看到最深的夜)
Imagine what it would be like if 
loneliness was all ...! 想象着,孤独是所有的全部
No fulfillment, nor hope inside, 
could I endure this sadest fate if loneliness was all ...? 
(scene cut) (场景切换)
"Will I ever find the one I've 
waiting for a thousand years?" "我曾经找到过一个,我为此已经等待了千年?"
but the answer to this 
question lies within the confines of your (hopes and) fears. 
"Heal me, feel me, reveal and seal me! 
Shed a light upon my lonely soul!" 放出一道光芒照在我灵魂之上!"
there is no-one (no other being) on the outside to make you whole ... 
(scene cut) (场景切换)
"Twelve faces shape the unholy 
circle, one mask for any opportunity. "12张面孔围成不洁的循环
This sphere must remain 
incomplete ... 这天体保持残缺
- (as) in its centre the thirteenth mask is me." 
If love was something I could feel, 假如我能感觉到爱
at least 
some kind of cheerfulness ... 至少还有一些欣慰
- but i feel nothing, drowned in pain, 
half-frozen in my emptiness 但是我什么也感觉不到,在疼痛中沉溺,冰封在我的空虚之中
- Beyond this veneer 
of friendless lies my true face, 跨过孤独的外表,躺在我真实的面孔下
that no-one knows. 
This mask's a lie, obvious and sad, 这面具是个谎言,明显、悲伤
my heart is empty 
and all is cold. 我的心是空虚、冰冷
The same stage: 相同的舞台
(on the staircase, some 
other night) (夜晚,楼梯上)
Imagine, what it would be like, 想象着,爱是
if love was 
really all ...! 真实的全部
Then I'd truly be alone without a resting place or a 
final home, 我孤身一人,寻找着永恒的归宿
if love was really all ... 假如爱是真实的全部 
a secret to me, "向我吐露秘密
and I'll keep it to myself! 我将它留在我的心中!
I'm like a 
temple built of sadness, 我喜欢悲伤筑建的庙宇
trustworthy like a grave ..." 
(scene cut) (场景切换)
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